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Why you should buy during Pre-construction in Los Cabos within a New Development

Posted by Cabo Properties on February 10, 2022

Buying a pre-construction home in a new development of Los Cabo is the best option for those looking to invest and gain the most profit!

The most common way to invest in property is through buying an already constructed home. But if the buyer is not sure about the location, there are chances that they might end up with a home that they don’t need or want. This can be avoided by buying pre-construction homes in new Los Cabos development which are at their early stages of construction.

Buying pre-construction in Los Cabos help buyers avoid these pitfalls and ensures that they buy into what they want and need. It also gives them more time to consider their options without any pressure of time constraints.

new development brings with it economic stability for the next few years. It is an excellent time to buy pre-construction, as builders offer better financing terms and more affordable prices due to low inventory.

Buying pre-construction brings many advantages. Foremost, you can customize your dream home to your liking without any compromises.

Acquiring a new home is one of the biggest and most important decisions in our lives. It is about living in harmony with our loved ones in our Los Cabos home. The same happens if we decide to make a profit out of our investment property. It might be a difficult process for a lot of people to imagine ourselves in a house or condominium that has not yet been constructed. It does raise more questions than usual which is completely normal.

There are many amazing benefits of buying a property in pre-construction, especially in a market that is in very high demand and is quickly expanding like the real estate market in Cabo San Lucas! Do some research on the developer beforehand and, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US with this journey to better understand the logistics on delivery and construction.

PRICE – One of the greatest benefits of buying a house or condo in pre-construction in Los Cabos is that you can obtain a better price than if you were buying something that is already built. The lowest prices are usually offered before construction even starts! Also, the developer is more open to accepting conditions from their first clients. For example, if there is a certain finish that you prefer, the developer might be able to change it before construction.

CAPITAL GAINS – The first owner always makes the most return as an investment. As construction keeps moving forward and more properties are being built, the value automatically increases here in Los Cabos due to the high demand. More about this subject is available on our FAQ’s.

PAYMENT PLANS –  when buying a property in pre-construction the developer usually extends your payment while your new home is being built. Some developers may offer payment methods, cash payment or direct financing. If you decide to pay cash, you will not have to pay the total amount at signing. The developer dilutes it by giving you the opportunity of doing a down payment and the remaining balance is paid during construction until the property is delivered.

It is also a good idea to inquire about financing with the developer as most require payment during pre-construction while the remaining balance could be financed for up to 10 years.

More and more people are aware of these huge benefits, and why investors and families, either nationals or foreigners, decide to invest in this beautiful paradise. The investment is safe and the happiness once using their new home brings a lot of positive emotions for the families…

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

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