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Why Cabo Properties is the Top Option for Those Seeking to Find and Buy Their Dream Home in Los Cabos

Answers to the question “why Los Cabos” spring readily to mind, from the year-round sunshine and miles upon miles of gorgeous golden sand beaches to the rich culture and vibrant culinary scenes of cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.


So it should come as no surprise that many people are now considering this incredible region not just as a world-class vacation destination, but also as a potential home or secondary residence.


Especially when they dig a little deeper and discover that not only does the region offer beachfront and ocean view real estate at a fraction of the cost of similarly situated properties in the U.S. and Canada, but also boasts lower property tax rates and a lower cost of living as well.


It’s a remarkable time, and thus a remarkable opportunity, for savvy real estate investors to live their best lives in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


If you’ve considered this possibility yourself, you may also now be asking the question: Why Cabo Properties?


The answers to this question aren’t as obvious, but they’re every bit as compelling.

An Expert Understanding of the Legal Specifics and Subtleties When Buying Property in México

There are misconceptions, and thus apprehension, on the part of some potential home buyers regarding the legal process of buying property in México; specifically, in terms of fideicomisos and the so-called “restricted zone” that refers to properties within 50 kilometers of México’s coastline or borders with other countries.


There’s no question that the legal requirements for buying property in México are different from those in the U.S. and Canada. That doesn’t mean, however, that the process has to be any more difficult.


Nor should prospective buyers be misled that ownership rights in México are restricted or limited in ways that differ dramatically from those of its North American neighbors. Despite the “restricted zone” that includes Los Cabos’ most magnificent and scenically situated beachfront and ocean view properties, Americans and Canadians absolutely can own these properties. Such purchases are made through fideicomisos, or bank trusts, which are essentially the same as simple fee ownership.


When you buy the property, you own the property. You can remodel, you can resell, and you can assign the property to your heirs when you pass on. Just like in the U.S. and Canada.


It is imperative, though, that you find the right ally, a real estate agent you trust to walk you step by step through the process, and to steer you through the language difficulties and legal minutiae that are unique to buying real estate in México.


Enter Cabo Properties.

A Long Track Record as a Trusted Voice in Los Cabos Real Estate

Investing in a home or business in Los Cabos either as primary or vacation home marks a significant milestone, one that shapes not just your financial landscape but also your future aspirations. It’s a journey laden with dreams and aspirations, where every decision holds immense weight. Thus, the initial stride in this journey should invariably be securing the guidance of a reliable broker. They serve as the compass navigating you through the maze of real estate, ensuring that your quest for the perfect property or lucrative business venture is not only fruitful but also devoid of uncertainties. In essence, finding a trustworthy broker isn’t merely the first step; it’s the cornerstone upon which your dreams are built, propelling you towards the realization of your aspirations.


This is where Cabo Properties fits that bill to a tee, thanks to its track record and decade long history as a trustworthy real estate agency in Los Cabos.


Cabo Properties continues to offer the personal, one-on-one service for which it has always been known, but also count on the legal backing and research expertise.


It’s the perfect combination and fit for your real estate needs…

An Exhaustive Knowledge of Los Cabos Listings, in Both Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Since 2015, Los Cabos has been in the midst of the biggest real estate boom in its history, with a surge of spectacular new resort and residential developments throughout the region, from the Pacific coastline of Cabo San Lucas to the heretofore sparsely developed East Cape that stretches for over 70 miles north of San José del Cabo.


What that means for prospective buyers is an incredible array of potential properties across a wide swath of Los Cabos – including over 100 miles of magnificent coastline – with a staggering variety of custom amenities, from private beach clubs to tee time access at private, world-class golf courses designed by legendary names like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Tiger Woods.


There is no “typical” Los Cabos property. Prospective buyers can choose from condos, penthouses, luxury villas, family residences, sprawling ranch homes and haciendas, all in a variety of architectural styles, and in a variety of communities and neighborhoods…each with its own micro-climate, scenery, and optimal conditions for any number of outdoor activities and adventures, be it hiking, biking, climbing, surfing, diving, fishing, and the like.


So a trusted real estate agent really is a necessity; first, in helping you do to define your search parameters in regards to things like the type of home, square footage, amenities, and so forth; and secondly, in finding the perfect community relative to the needs and desires of you and your significant other or family unit.


And, of course, since many home buyers who move to Los Cabos are not yet ready for retirement, there is also the question of finding business opportunities and often office space with which to continue your professional career.


And, for those with children, finding the perfect schools.

Luckily, Cabo Properties exhaustive knowledge of the area and in-progress developments makes it easy to sift through all these different search criteria to help you find your dream home and settle into your newfound dream life in Los Cabos…

There are new listings in Cabo San Lucas showing up all the time and properties not yet appearing on the search, so if you want a current MLS listing, please contact US and we will email you a list based on your search criteria!

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