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There are places in the world where the landscape seems to have been designed not by random chance, but rather in such a manner that its beauty and power is meant to awe and overwhelm. These natural wonders may be nothing more than the product of erosion and weathering, yet stir something inside the hearts of every living creature...

The Official Cabo San Lucas Real Estate Video!

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The Official Cabo San Lucas Real Estate Video!

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is among the most famous arches of the western world, and certainly a key element in the beautiful geography of the Pacific coast. This arch perfectly captures the interplay of land and sea, of creation and destruction, and the contrast between the seeming permanence of nature and its ability of to change over time. To view the Arch in person is to be given a chance to understand nature on a primal level, to hear the voice of the ocean speak to you and to understand its power to reshape the world.

Whether you wish to enjoy the beauty for its own sake or to inspire your own creative spirit, you owe yourself the chance to spend time near this wonderful, natural monument. A home in such a location can provide you with something that can be found nowhere else in the world – a true chance to look at your window and realize that such a beautiful view belongs only to you…

Six reasons why you should consider buying property in Cabo San Lucas:

Ask anybody what is important when buying property abroad and they will come up with six things that have to be checked to make the deal a certainty. In no particular order, these are, location, weather, safety, the ease of purchase, the range of properties available and the local amenities. Cabo San Lucas Real Estate is unique in that it checks against all of these points, and then some.


First, location. Idyllic and picturesque are but two of the adjectives you will shower on Cabo San Lucas once you have visited the city. Here is the beating heart of all you already love, or will come to love, about México. Here is the México of old, when film-stars flocked to the country to escape the vagaries of modern life. In Baja California Sur, you will find all that old world charm, including the celebrities, but mixed up with a twenty-first century joi de vivre that is missing elsewhere in the country.


Located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas offers everything from stunning scenery and beaches, to rugged mountains and pristine deserts. A tourist destination for many years now, the city is also host to a wide range of hotels, restaurants and night clubs; yet it is so much more than a vacation hot-spot. With a wide range of properties, from condominiums through to large beachfront villas, you can be certain that “Cabo San Lucas Real Estate” will meet with and exceed your requirements.


The whole region caters to the sea and those who love it, from the famous rock arch El Arco at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, to stunning coral reefs in the tropical Sea of Cortez, the region has a marine-scape that is truly unrivaled. Other sea-based draws include the annual whale migration, snorkeling or scuba diving the reefs and surfing from beaches that are as busy or as chilled as you need. Inland there are pretty little villages along the coast each with its own unique feel and flavor. The arid desert, punctuated by saw-toothed mountains, is also a great draw for those seeking solace and tranquility.


Juxtaposed against the beauty of sea and land, is the bustling heart of Cabo San Lucas itself. Still an operating fishing port, the city offers a range of seafood restaurants to cater for all tastes. Other restaurants and bars will cater for all your culinary requirements, and with southern California and the rest of the U.S itself just a short two and a half hour sky-hop away, you will be hard-placed to find real estate more suited to modern-life than real estate in Cabo San Lucas.


With the location checked, let’s look at the climate of the region. Temperatures in Baja range from the low 50s to 70s in winter and 90 to 100 in the summer, the weather in the whole of Baja California Sur is something to be envied. The hottest months are July through September with January to March being the coolest. As it is located at the tip of the peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has the best of both worlds; hot-steamy days and cool-breezy nights. With mild winters added into the mix, you can see why people are flocking to call this part of the world home.


The summer season is also the wettest part of the year, but with, on average, only 9 days of rain in the three months from July to September, you can see why people still love this region. The fact that the winds can come from either the Bay of California or the Pacific Ocean, also gives Cabo San Lucas weather that is unique even in the local region. Winds can switch from warm and balmy to cool and relaxing in the same day and, with the ocean never that far away, you are certain not to overheat.


Being safe in your new property is always of paramount importance and Cabo San Lucas is the one of the safest cities in the whole of Baja California Sur, which itself is the one of the safest states in  México. Yes, there is crime, but with a population of less than seventy thousand people, there is the same if not less crime than similarly sized regions anywhere in the world.


So, location: excellent; weather: perfect; safety: ideal; next the ease of purchasing property in the region. Cabo San Lucas Real Estate offers the best of two worlds, the beauty and majesty of the Baja Peninsula and the ease and security of U.S. insurances, closing services and financing options. Real estate in Cabo San Lucas is very formalized and organized locally with companies now members of a Mexican trade organization the Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobilia (AMPI). This ensures staff are trained and the realtors act according to agreed guidelines.


Cabo Properties will act on your behalf, making the whole process of selecting, viewing and purchasing property in the region all that more simple. They have selected only the top local agents to represent you and show you properties that meets all your criteria. The Cabo Properties brokerage solution, apart from finding you the perfect property, also includes services such as reviewing all the documents to make sure everything is in order, dealing with all local legalities and producing documents in Spanish and English with detailed explanations of each.


The type and variety of properties available in Cabo San Lucas are wider than you might expect. Everything from vacant lots, to family homes from $50,000 to several million depending on your budget. Condominium prices are as wide ranging too, with a one-bedroom condo starting at around $75,000 to luxury versions with six bedrooms and a private beach for offers exceeding $20 million USD.


The thing is, whatever you want your property to be, a holiday-home, a retirement home, a new-start, a rental business, there is a property waiting for you in Cabo San Lucas. Tourism is, clearly, the main industry in the region, but Los Cabos is also a working municipality and an integrated one. 80% of the American population in the state live in this area, so you know schools, shops, hospitals and all the other services you require are of the highest quality.


So there it is, six reasons to consider making your next real estate purchase in Cabo San Lucas. The ideal location mixed with the best of weather. A city and state that is safe for you and your family, and one that offers the type of property you want with the ease of service you have come to expect. Add to that the best of local amenities and services and the only question left to ask is: why are you not here already?

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