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Loan Size Between

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15 - 25 Year Loan Terms

No hidden fees
No balloon payments

NO Prepayment Penalities

CASH OUT refinancing AND rate & term refinance are offered. As well as home loans!

Financing and Refinancing NOW Available in Los Cabos!

Cabo Properties a Real Estate Brokerage firm has partnered with MoXi to offer cross-border financing solutions for U.S. citizens seeking to securely purchase or refinance residential property in Mexico. 100% transparent & secure, fully amortized up to 25 years and with no balloon payments!

Cabo Properties

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For a long time now, home financing has not been an option for U.S. citizens in Mexico – either for those seeking to buy property, or for those who already own existing properties.


Lacking this important financial option, Mexico has been an all-cash real estate market for American investors, with all of the complications and disadvantages that entails.


Potential home owners in Mexico, for instance, have been faced with the prospect of large cash commitments, thereby reducing their overall purchasing power. Existing property owners, too, have been affected, unable to leverage their equity for reinvestment opportunities in other areas.


These disadvantages – the above examples being the most notable among many – have not completely dissuaded U.S. citizens from buying real estate in Mexico. Indeed, interest and activity in the secondary home market has remained strong across the country, especially so in Los Cabos.


But the realities of an all-cash market have, traditionally, made buying real estate more  difficult in Mexico; and, perhaps more importantly, have limited the pool of potential owners to those with particularly ample cash reserves.


Recently, however, this problematic situation has finally changed.

Dramatically changed.

The News

The big news – and for U.S. citizens very good news indeed – is that MoXi – A Global Mortgage Company has recently announced financing and refinancing opportunities for the Mexican real estate market.


After a long dry spell of “cash only” purchasing options, MoXi is now offering loan terms of 15, 20 and 25 year mortgages, with full amortization, and the lowest interest rate available from any institutional lender in Mexico.


As an added bonus, annual taxes, insurance, trust and HOA fees are all included in the monthly mortgage payments.


Cabo Properties, a Real Estate Brokerage firm is proud to partner with MoXi – A Global Mortgage Company in this historic initiative, steering an improved, alternate path forward for both new and existing homeowners in Los Cabos.

What it Means

MoXi as a business grew out of the overwhelming need for U.S. citizens to have access to financing for residential homes located in Mexico. The company is a response to both continued market growth, and the problematic nature of the all-cash system which has long prevailed.


“With the Mexican second home market experiencing such rapid growth, buyers and existing homeowners need long-term financing solutions,” explains Matt Hainline, Founder and CEO of Global Mortgage. “We are here to help both buyers and current homeowners.”


The secondary home market is currently growing at a rate of 10 to 20 percent annually in Mexico, with Los Cabos contributing heavily to the robust growth figures.


MoXi’s new 15 year fixed-rate mortgages allow U.S. citizens a unique  opportunity to buy into one of the most exciting real estate markets in the world – a tropical paradise with year-round sunshine and a lower cost of living – and to do so with a much more stable, investment-friendly alternative than ever before.


New buyers don’t have to tie up as much cash, thereby increasing their buying power and investment opportunities elsewhere. And existing owners can leverage their property value for money to reinvest.


It’s a win–win situation from a financing point of view, not to mention from a quality of life perspective.


In addition to the obvious charms like perfect weather and golden sand beaches, there are currently about 15,000 U.S. and Canadian citizens living in Los Cabos, either seasonally or year-round. Cape cities Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the surrounding area thus not only offer stunning natural settings for secondary homes – with spectacular ocean views and access to world-class amenities, from championship level golf courses to big-game sportfishing and pampering spas – but also an existing community of people from similar backgrounds.


From its humble beginnings as a single office real estate company, Cabo Properties has grown to become one of the most respected real estate companies in Los Cabos.


Cabo Properties agents have over 15 years of combined experience in the local market, in addition to the same focus on core principles that has rocketed the company at large to such rapid growth…


The three bedrock principles are these: hire the right people, give them the best tools, create thriving communities.


We’ve already hired the best people, and MoXi – A Global Mortgage Company financing program is the best tool to become available in Los Cabos in a very long time.


In fact, between MoXi’s experienced staff and financing and Cabo Properties team of talented agents–with their exhaustive knowledge of the local market–U.S. buyers have never had better information or more financial flexibility.


Is it any wonder, then, that local communities continue to grow and to prosper?


Founded in 2017, on the principal of transparent lending, now MoXi (A Global Mortgage Company) offers a secure cross-border financing solution to United States citizens seeking to securely own or refinance property in Mexico. Our company is backed by $Billions in capital and is a regulated and audited financial institution in Mexico.


Our staff has a combined 200+ years of international lending experience on both sides of the border and always has our clients’ best interest at hand.


Every mortgage written by our company, no matter the loan program, is fully amortized, has a fixed rate, no pre-payment penalty, no balloon payment, and no hidden fees. Global Mortgage employs several full-time attorneys to ensure our work is flawless. We take our commitment to client success seriously; after all, there are no compromises when it concerns quality. reliability, and reputation.


MoXi – A Global Mortgage Company, without additional added rate premium, allows clients to borrow and close in the name of a US registered corporation, LLC, or trust – an advantage not ordinarily offered with conventional US Mortgages. Certain restrictions and documentation requirements apply…

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