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Homes for Sale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Posted by Cabo Properties on May 22, 2022

An Investment in Paradise – Homes for Sale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos real estate is a hot commodity right now, and why not? We’re talking about a place that draws millions of tourists each year, and has for decades been the getaway destination of choice for Hollywood movie stars and other celebrity figures. It’s sunny and warm year-round, there are 100 miles or more of glorious palm framed beaches, and cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo offer enough healthy outdoor activities and upscale lifestyle amenities to satisfy any taste. That’s why people visit, of course, but when it comes to making a larger leap and contemplating homes for sale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, there are also more practical considerations.

Can Paradise Be a Good Investment? The Answer is A Resounding Yes

Real estate has always been a safe investment, because despite any short term market fluctuations, it inevitably appreciates in value over the long term. Why? Because nobody is making any more of it. It’s a finite resource.

That said, not all real estate appreciates in value equally. People aren’t lining up to buy swampland or cabins in the frozen north, for instance. But when it comes to ocean view or beachfront property, well…that’s another story. There, the demand always exceeds the available supply. It’s basic economics, and the reason why homes for sale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico have investment value well beyond their list price.

The difference between Los Cabos and other “paradises” in places like the Caribbean and South Pacific is that Los Cabos is much more proximate to the U.S. and Canada. Well, that’s one difference. Here’s the really good part. List prices for ocean view and beachfront properties in Los Cabos are significantly lower, on average, than those of similar vantage in the U.S. and Canada. And that doesn’t even take into account the extremely favorable rate of exchange which currently exists, or the fact that Los Cabos also has significantly lower property tax rates and a lower cost of living than the U.S and Canada.

Put that all together, and now you have the real reason Los Cabos real estate has never been hotter: “Homes for sale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico” have never offered better value as investments than they do right now.

Who doesn’t like the equation of gorgeous weather plus beautiful beaches plus dream home plus great return on investment? The answer is obvious, which is why more and more people are considering relocating to Cabo on a seasonal or full-time basis, or simply buying homes in the area and renting them out to maximize both short and long term ROI.

Ready to Consider Homes for Sale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Here’s How to Get Started

You may have noticed a few paragraphs back when we said the demand for ocean view and beachfront real estate always exceeds the supply. Well, we should have said almost always, because for the past five years Los Cabos, and Cabo San Lucas in particular, have been in the midst of an unprecedented building and development boom.

What that means is more spectacular Cabo San Lucas, Mexico homes for sale are hitting the market right now than during any time in the area’s history. On the Pacific Coast of Cabo San Lucas alone, right now, there are three incredible developments taking shape, each with ocean view and beachfront properties galore: each with their own world-class golf courses from legendary names like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Tiger Woods; and each with exclusive beach clubs and bespoke services and amenities.

That means beach homes, ranch homes, condos, luxury villas, penthouses, family-friendly homes and a host of other scenically situated residence types.

It’s an exciting opportunity, but to fully take advantage of it prospective buyers need to find the right local ally.

In Los Cabos, that means Cabo Properties.

Cabo Properties is one of the most respected names in Los Cabos, with experienced agents who have an exhaustive knowledge of available local listings and the intricacies and legal requirements of buying and selling property in Mexico.

The Other Side of the Coin – Selling Homes in Cabo San Lucas

There may come a time when you want to cash out your investment in paradise, if only to sell one beautiful beachfront property so you can buy another.

If and when that time comes, listing your home with Cabo Properties is as smart a choice as choosing the company to represent you when you’re in the market to buy homes for sale in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Not only do we offer international exposure through our partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, we have a powerful network of agents who specialize in luxury real estate, an industry-leading website, and targeted advertising vehicles that reach a substantial number of eligible buyers. Call us today from USA/Canada at  +1 949.230.3456 for more information.

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