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Relocating to Cabo San Lucas

Ever think about relocating to Cabo San Lucas?  As I lay in my hammock on my rooftop patio, I can’t help but appreciate all the water activities throughout Cabo San Lucas.  During the months of December to March I watch the whales play, however every day I admire all the parasails, jet skiers, fishing boats and even the adventurous fly boarding maniacs as they hoover 25 – 30 feet in the air performing back-flips in the Sea of Cortez.

Relocating to Cabo San Lucas

Today is a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the temperature at 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Year round the temperature is 80 – 85 degrees during the day and a cool 65 – 70 degrees during the evening – almost perfect conditions!  Perhaps this description would make most people jealous or think how wonderful it must be to live all year in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico.  Some people choose to freeze their butts off somewhere else where it gets cold in winter and possibly even snows.  Not us, but if we wanted snow all we had to do was hop on a plane and in 3 or 4 hours we could be snowboarding on a beautiful mountain resort.

What is the point to this blog post?  Simple: we want you to vacation or prefer that take the necessary steps with relocating to Cabo San Lucas!  Come appreciate the beauty of the land and sea, all the water activities, the near perfect year-round weather conditions, the magnificent resorts along some of the most breathtaking beaches, the nightlife and the other thousands of tourists that makes Cabo San Lucas one of the TOP VACATION spots today!  However, could you possibly LIVE HERE???

I find myself perplexed when I drive the Baja towards Cabo or even take a short two hour flight, amongst the discussions of vacationers anticipating their arrival, the people sitting near me on the flight don’t seem to control their enthusiasm and sometimes blurt out, “So you live in Cabo?” I usually have an internal pause towards this question and think to myself, should I just lie and say NO?  Then our discussion would be happy and giddy as we exchange thoughts on what to do while visiting Cabo San Lucas. Or should I tell the truth, and ultimately have a lengthy conversation about how my wife and our two dogs relocated to Cabo San Lucas?  Either way, I always get the inevitable response, “WOW, it must be great to live in Cabo San Lucas!  I or we are so envious.”

The response is typical from every person that I meet along the way, except my friends and family because they knew our story a full year before we made the move to Cabo. When I hear from other people that it took us a year to sell everything, they never seem to want to make the same sacrifices that we did.  However, once they visit Cabo they seem to agree that if there is a way, they could somehow figure out how to relocate to Cabo San Lucas.  Sometimes it takes me back to a time when I agreed with them nearly 2 years ago, and contemplated “how great it will be to be live in Cabo!  What an adventure!”  If I only knew then what I know today, I would have made the move earlier.  There are so many wonderful destinations, but very few amazing locations that you can actually work and live.  Taking a two week vacation to some tropical island is one thing, but selling everything and driving down the coast of Baja to live in Cabo is another…

Relocating to Cabo San Lucas

So, back to how to relocate to Cabo San Lucas? “I mean what is so great about Cabo anyways?”

Los Cabos or the area around San Jose, Cabo Corridor and surrounding Cabo San Lucas is absolutely beautiful….the area provides a spectacular setting of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean (Lands End) while being surrounded by desert landscape. There are amazing beaches all within minutes of each other which offer great sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, fishing and of course drinking. Some months mean too many tourists along Medano beach and plenty of vendors selling “best price today” items, which there should be, but sometimes that takes away from enjoying the local beaches. So, for beautiful beaches my wife and I take a short drive to many of the private and unsolicited beaches to set up an umbrella, our cooler full of drinks, load the dogs and head out towards either, Cerritos, La Paz, or someplace along the East Cape.

Why Relocating to Cabo San Lucas is a GREAT Move!

The weather is perfect nine months out of the year.   Late October and early June the weather is amazing. We love the sunsets from our rooftop!  Enjoying a nice glass of wine, overlooking the Sea of Cortez and watching all the cruise ships arrive in the morning and depart at nightfall is a sight to really appreciate.  Sometimes we see 3 cruise ships in the harbor! We feel so grateful to live in a beautiful home and the location is fabulous. ( I will share how we adjusted to living in Cabo as I upload new posts)

So back to what I love about Cabo… There are many great hiking trails next to our house that we hike up once a week and there is a great trail (very technical) that goes to the top of the Arch. My wife and I both work from home, but if we ever need to go to an office or visit with a client, these meetings are very casual attire meaning nice shorts, button down short sleeve shirt and flip flops which is all very acceptable while working in Cabo. Since I do all of my business and promotion online, my wife and I are able to maintain our passion towards work.  Next post will be about the little things we had to do while living here like setting up our IP address in the USA so that we can search Google in English, watch Netflix in English and listen to Pandora without the message appearing “Will NOT Work in YOUR Country.”  I don’t speak Spanish so I had to figure out how to navigate around town and the Internet in English.  By the way, most of the locals working in restaurants or the excursions speak English so communicating has NOT been an issue.  More on this topic later…

Relocating to Cabo San Lucas

I will say the lifestyle here is much different from the US and Canada in so many good ways; my stress level is way down and the need to keep up “with the Jones” or pushing myself until I can’t push anymore is not the same. The relaxed lifestyle is probable the one thing that is difficult to adjust too or even explain until you experience it yourself.  I guess the best way is imagine being on vacation, but extending your vacation for years instead of just a few days. Even when I am working hard on the Internet (this is what a type A personality like me does…so it is impossible not too) I just feel there is less stress associated with how I go about working, especially when I compare my old Corporate America JOB to the lifestyle I live and appreciate today.  Although I am very competitive in nature, I don’t have to compete with a bunch of other people trying to climb the corporate ladder to beat me out of a position.  I set my own hours and I am in control of my finances.  Sure I don’t earn the income I once did, but the cost of living is greatly reduced when comparing homes values in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate to homes back in my hometown of Newport Beach California.

Another reason why we both love living in Cabo and why we are both so happy that we discovered a way by relocating to Cabo San Lucas is that we are only a 2 hour flight to southern California so if we need to visit our friends and family we can for about $300 for round trip flight.

Stay tuned for my next post as I will really dive into the actual process of getting settled in!

Until we meet along the beaches of Cabo…

Relocate to Cabo San Lucas

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