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Did you know the average house in Cabo San Lucas is on the market for one year?  Today I had a meeting with Martin Posch one of the top MLS brokers in Los Cabos to discuss some of the challenges many home owners experience once listing their home here in Cabo San Lucas.  This video was recorded at Martin’s beautiful Los Cabos Windermere office.

Some of the challenges with listing a home throughout Los Cabos:

These are just some of the challenges and facts that are different from perhaps the United States, Canada and other parts of the world. At CaboProperties, we may not be able to change some of these challenges, but we know Online Promotion of YOUR home will help facilitate the introduction from a qualified home buyer looking to purchase “before” they arrive to Los Cabos.

  • No lock boxes to show home
  • Security guard at security gate – need prior appointment and approval before entering
  • 24 hour access coordination with both Realtors – many times both the sellers agent and and buyers agent show vacant home together
  • NO “For Sale” signs in front of house due to HOA’s strict policy – neighborhood or buyer may NEVER know house is even on the market
  • Most visitors to Cabo are on vacation mode not buying mode so the posted fliers in front of Realtors office don’t attract buyers.  Most buyers search online many weeks or even months before arriving to Los Cabos! 
  • Beyond listing on the MLS, there is virtually NO Online Promotion
  • Most homes have no mortgage payments, therefore many have renters living in them
  • NO easy financing terms – Seller Financing options may be available
  • Most are vacation or 2nd, 3rd or 4th properties so the home owner is not always available

Why listing YOUR home with CaboProperties is a GREAT Decision:

Sure you can list your home with many Realtors or Brokers in Los Cabos, but most just display the house on the MLS or make a few brochures to hang out front.  At CaboProperties, we know buyers search online before arriving, so if you list YOUR home with US, we will do much more to promote your listing than just adding on the MLS…

  • Online Promotion to the United States and Canada
  • Social Media Promotion including: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, make a custom video and promote on YouTube
  • Create “Blog Post” with highly targeted keywords to notify the Search Engines
  • Display as featured listing on CaboProperties website
  • …and so much more!

The outcome?  “We are able to increase your homes exposure with Online Promotion and increase the likelihood of finding a buyer BEFORE they arrive to Cabo San Lucas.”

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Until WE meet along the beaches of Cabo,

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