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Cabo San Lucas Homes for Sale: the Hidden Sanctuary

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

My wife and I used to spend a lot of money and time on vacations. We are not rich, but we invest on vacations because it keeps US alive and provides US some great culture and experiences.  We both grew up in California so it has always been our goal to live near the ocean.

A few escapades years ago, some friends brought me to a hidden and untamed sanctuary called Cabo San Lucas. The city was heavenly and it was all I dreamed of for so long.  Today my wife and I are actually searching for Cabo San Lucas Homes for Sale because we really love it here in Cabo San Lucas – a place that WE can spend unlimited vacations without having to pull out a lot of dollars.

Where is Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas, usually referred to as “Cabo”, is situated at the southern area of Baja California Peninsula in Mexico. It sits at the edge of Mexico and features a stunning view of the North Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Its elevation is 20 meters and its total population (estimate only) as of 2013 is around 72,400 plus (Yes, not that populated yet).

Cabo is known to be the country’s top five most favorite tourist destinations. It showcases its jaw-dropping sea view, soul-hopping night parties, astounding beaches, incredible scuba diving spots, relaxing spas, striking mountain views and deserts, and a whole lot more!

Why Cabo San Lucas?

We love the perfect weather of Cabo. Its average temperature (all-year-round) is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. During tourist peak seasons, the temperature range from 60 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the perfect weather for sunbathing, snorkeling, kayaking, maneuvering a yacht in the deep blue sea or killing that water stunt.

The city is actually less rainy than those near it. This is because of its geographical location. Local thunderstorms just pass through it and hardly give out rain. However, there are times when hurricanes drop by and bring forth long periods of heavy rain – September is the month to avoid…

What’s exciting is that the different events that are held in Cabo keep us excited whole year round. It has fishing tournaments and music festivals. Just to mention (’cause its worth mentioning), we are in love with Chileno Beach, which is at Chileno Bay. It is famous for its mix breed of fishes, turtles and sponges. When we invite friends for a trip, we usually bring them here just to go snorkeling.

Cabo San Lucas Market – CaboProperties perspective:

The Reason to Look for Cabo San Lucas Homes for Sale

What struck me most in Cabo is not the picturesque beauty but its market. The city is flourishing and continually developing. Actually, during the depression time, it did not fall of its height. It continually moved up the market chart. Now, there are a lot of private housing projects, condominiums, resorts, beachfront properties, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings that are built up.

The environment in Cabo is family-friendly and very safe. I understand that a lot of people had bad reviews or feedback about the city. Yes, it could not be denied that the city was troublesome for the past years but actually today, it has changed a lot. It has effective laws for crimes and even has lowered its crime rate for the past years. The neighborhood is very friendly and gracious as well.

Because of the improvements in the governing body of Cabo, the city is now a perfect sanctuary and vacation spot for all. Thousands and thousands of tourists go here to break their routine – tourists that are not just from America but all parts of the world!

The development of multi-million dollar high-end resorts in the city just proves its worth. No developer would take risks in a place that does not hold any good future right? Some of these high-end resorts in Cabo include the infamous One & Only Palmilla (this resort was even featured in a 2014 American movie), Las Ventanas and Esperanza. Hollywood stars, Presidents, CEOs and high-class guests usually go and visit these resorts for a little “me-time”.

There is no need to worry about transportation. Cabo is very near America and is equipped with both land and air terminals for fast transportation.

Cabo San Lucas Homes for Sale: It is time to Dive in!

I tried to research for the best properties in Cabo. I came out finding the best prices so far.  A 1 bedroom with 1 bath condominium unit would only cost me (or maybe you) $40,000. This unit has a striking beachfront view that could not be bought by any currency. Some units, specially the luxurious ones, could cost up to $10 million (6 bedroom unit). What a nice deal right?

Keep following our posts or Contact Us as we will continue to share how wonderful life is at Cabo San Lucas…

Until we meet in Cabo!


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