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Cabo San Lucas Housing Report 2014

Cabo San Lucas Housing Report

The 2014 Cabo San Lucas Housing Report proudly presented by CaboProperties:

The number of sales for residential listings has increased in 2014 by 11%

The total sales volume from January 1 – December 31, 2014 on residential properties (homes and condos) is up 30% to $264,777,000 USD.  The average sales price is up 13% to $746,000 USD.  The number of sales is also up by 15% to 355 transactions / units sold.

The condo market is starting to develop nicely compared to 2013 with the total sales volume up 49% to $63,595,000 USD and the average sales price is up 20% to $393,000 USD.


  • Total Active Listings = 393
  • Number of Transactions SOLD = 162

Sales for single family homes are up 24% to $201,182,000 USD with the average purchase price up by 15% to $1,042,000 USD per home.


  • Total Active Listings = 516
  • Number of Transactions SOLD = 193

Keep reading for 2015 predictions: (click image for downloadable PDF file)

2014 Cabo San Lucas Housing Report

2014 Cabo San Lucas Housing Report

Although activities have slowed down significantly due to hurricane Odile, sales have been picking up and we anticipate a great improvement for 2015.  By March, the hotel rooms should be back to almost 100% and most of the flights will be back to their normal schedule.  Pending sales are already up by 11% so that makes us believe that we have hit bottom and we will see pricing stabilize and perhaps start to increase!

Side note: the percentage of list to sold price for condos has decreased from 91% to 90% however single family homes have increased from 87% to 90%… 

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