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CaboProperties.comJust as there are vendors along the beaches selling souvenirs and accessories, there are hundred of inexperienced and unqualified sales agents passing out business cards and selling time share or “real estate in Cabo San Lucas.” Your home is a sizable investment and following proper legal steps will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in Mexico. If someone says, “This is Mexico, and that’s the way we do it here,” then beware. Seek another agent or Broker! This is why choosing CaboProperties is a different experience and a great decision and this is why we work exclusively with Windermere Los Cabos – providing over a 100 years of real estate experience throughout Los Cabos!

We are a professional online marketing firm representing YOU the home buyer working closely with ONLY the TOP professional brokers in Cabo San Lucas! What sets US apart from working with an inexperienced agent is that you will ONLY work with a qualified broker that will handle the real estate transaction.   

At CaboProperties, we have an extensive qualification process finding YOUR dream home and with choosing the broker YOU will work with.   We will show you around town and a few listings that meets your criteria, but in the end, you will only work directly with the broker – NO AGENT and NO MIDDLE MAN!

At CaboProperties our Real Estate’s closing officer (broker) oversees the creation and completion of your paperwork and trust.  Click here to visit Purchasing Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas for More Details.  Our team will review the documents with you to make certain everything is in order, and we are present when you make your purchase and execute the trust. You can verify the value yourself by examining your trust and noting the amount written in text, which is indicated in U.S. dollars and Mexican pesos and includes the exchange rate of that day. (During this process we will also provide a certified translation of your Spanish trust.)   CaboProperties and the broker we work with will work with you to make certain that all your documents are in order and that your actual costs are recorded properly – this is where experience working with a qualified broker will protect your purchase!  To reaffirm, YOU work directly with a broker that will assure YOU that our only interest is representing you in a safe, solid and secure real estate transaction.

Serving all of the Los Cabos market, we have earned a reputation of excellent service and experience. Put our home purchasing expertise to work for you…

There are new listings in Cabo San Lucas showing up all the time and properties not yet appearing on the search, so if you want a current MLS listing, please contact me and I will email you a list based on your search criteria!   Have immediate needs?  Call Michael on his cell phone today: US (949)230-3456 or MX (624)225-5765 

The Law of Compensation:

“A person’s income is determined by how many people they serve and how well they serve them.” #thegogiver


Until WE meet in Cabo!

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